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Who We Are
It's all about Results

The test domain is all about results, and V I Engineering excels at delivering Test Results from precise and dependable automated test systems, delivered on time and on budget. But our customers also look to us for R.O.I. Results, so we deliver innovative solutions that apply the best technologies, and the most advanced processes, to assure the most value for every dollar invested. And finally, fast, dependable, data access combined with automated analysis and easy report generation delivers Productivity Results, so all our test and measurement recommendations include information management functions to assure that all your data provides the maximum "engineering intelligence."

VI Engineering is an experienced systems integrator that provides automated test equipment, precise measurement systems, engineering information management, and LabVIEW™ productivity tools to Fortune 500 customers in the automotive/manufacturing, aerospace/defense and medical device industries. We are also one of National Instrument’s elite "Select Integrators." All our solutions take advantage of the full range of resources available within our company, however for optimum efficiency we operate three functional divisions, they are:

Automated Test Systems Engineering
V I Engineering's test engineering division provides complete automated test equipment and turn-key test and measurement solutions, specification development, technical consulting and software development services. From the earliest stages of needs identifications, through development of testing methodologies, to custom programming and complete systems integration, V I Engineering can apply over a decade of industry experience to deliver a broad range of applications that maximize ROI and meet all requirements for validation, integrity and traceability.

Engineering Information Management (EIM)
The EIM (Engineering Information Management) division delivers data management solutions for test laboratories and technical design centers. The goal is to help managers, engineers and scientists be more organized and productive, while delivering a high return on investment. A data management solution organizes your test data, offers visibility into your laboratory operations and offers a platform to leverage best practices throughout the organization.

Efficiencies gained from EIM solutions enable engineers and scientists to concentrate on making conclusions instead of massaging data. Using professional engineering tools such as National Instruments DIAdem allows a high degree of automation for post processing test data and report generation as well as offering an interactive environment for ad-hoc data analysis. Not only does this save engineering labor costs, it can also significantly reduce the time from Data Acquisition to Decision to Knowledge Capture.
VISTA Development Process
VISTA is VI Engineering’s process model that includes software tools, consulting, and advanced design training. The VISTA Process model seeks to improve productivity and quality through the implementation of professional software engineering best practices and proven methodologies from CMMI, PMI and ISO.

How We Do Things
Earning Customer Loyality by Adding Value

Our People Make the Difference
Our growing staff includes: PhD's, and Degreed Engineers in diverse fields from Physics, to Chemistry, to Structural Mechanics. Our scientists have the best credentials possible including 18 Certified LabVIEW Developers (the most anywhere), 4 Certified LabVIEW Architects, 2 Certified TestStand Architect, 6 PMI Certified Project Managers, Harvard educated managers, tactful sales professionals and eager customer service people.

Applying the Best Technologies - More than Just "New"
We're constantly reviewing technological options from both industry journals and direct contact from manufacturers who ask us to evaluate their products. We love finding enhancements, but often we'll reject the newest gadgetry in favor of time tested solutions, because what really matters are the results !

Adhering to Superior Processes - For Best Possible Results
Much has been written (sometimes by us) on the advantages of applying professional software development processes to the test domain. But we've proven the advantages of CMMI, PMI and ISO methodologies through measurable improvements in our productivity, reduction in errors and better
change management.

V I Engineering is a Select Integrator in National Instruments (NI) Alliance program. Recognized annually for innovative solutions, sales performance and client satisfaction, V I Engineering is one of the elite of NI's more than 500 Alliance members worldwide. Our staff is fully trained in the installation and use of all NI products and can assist client engineers in taking full advantage of there unique benefits.

Mission Statement:

To establish a culture by which great engineering minds can come together to communicate with each other and with customers, with the end goal of providing excellent services and products to the world.

The services business provides us with the unique opportunity to enter into a myriad of diversified business opportunities in industries around the world. Our services business is a vehicle that can easily traverse any industry’s terrain and can contribute to that industry and society at large in numerous dimensions. For example, we make vehicles smarter and improve transportation means. We improve manufacturing of plastics used in thousands of parts, and we contribute to advances in the biomedical industry and help save lives.

In pursuing our mission, we will embrace the concepts that went into the naming of our company—to provide outstanding Value to our customers and to operate with Integrity in all our dealings. We will do the first through investment in technology and advanced concepts of software development along with use of well trained resources, both domestic and off shore. We will accomplish the second through diligence and management oversight of all elements of business.

Vision Statement:

We will focus our business interests in three primary areas of the world economy: Automotive/Manufacturing, Aerospace/Defense and Implantable Medical Devices. We will pursue the R & D, Product Design, and production aspects of clients with a services mind set, providing test equipment, test and data handling solutions to clients. In providing these services, we will look for opportunity to also provide products that meet needs in these or other related markets. Examples of products and services include training in the advanced techniques we use, software tools that we develop and use, process improvement consulting service, and occasionally system products consisting of hardware and software configured to address a test or Data Acquisition need.

Where to Find Us

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Corporate Offices

27300 Haggerty Rd. Suite F-10
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331

2663 Patton Road
St. Paul, MN 55113

8501 Bash Street, Suite 200
Indianapolis, Indiana 46250