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Installation Ready Test Equipment

Configuration Ready Testing Equipment
After 12 years and over 1200 test solutions, it's no surprise that V I Engineering has developed some uniquely innovative automated test system. The same expertise and "value added" approach that went
into the creation of those industry leading applications, has been applied to a line of automated tesing products. Each one is fully validated by both white and black box testing, and since the design and development work is already completed, delivery times are only limited by each customer's specific configuration needs .

apnaVDAS Versatile Data Aquisistion System 
apnaVDAS is a compact, modular, rugged and portable Data Acquisistion System. It is an ideal platform for portable logging and is designed for automotive testing applications and in-vehicle applications. The rugged design of the apnaVDAS connectors allow the logger to withstand high shock and vibration.
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Battery and Power Cell Conditioning System
V I Engineering has combined the three most important power cell conditioning functions into a single cabinet system that provides fully automated, thermal aging (forming), precision load testing and “constant current, constant voltage” recharging. This flexible and highly accurate product simultaneously conditions up to 450 individual power cells in 15 varying lots while monitoring the voltage, current, resistance and impedance of each unit under test. Read more

Rocket Engine Data Acquisition and Control System
V I Engineering has developed a highly accurate, fast response data acquisition
and control system for Jet and Rocket Engine Test facilities. Designed for world-class propulsion laboratories, this robust and reliable platform is capable of effectively managing a broad range of engine test articles, while protecting expensive equipment with a Four (4) ms response time to alarm conditions.
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Automotive Seat Durability Test System
Designed for the demanding requirements of automotive R & D labs, V I Engineering's seat durability tester employs liner and multi-axis control motors to simulate the load, range of motion and power track re-positioning that would occur over a product's lifetime. With flexible report generation capability, user defined test sequences and displacement, force, or acceleration modes, the test device is ready to install in a fraction the time necessary to build a custom application.
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Durability Test Scheduler (DTS)
The Durability Test Scheduler (DTS) is a flexible software application that performs fast, accurate data acquisition and control when integrated with a wide variety of instrumentation options. The DTS is a proven component in many of V I Engineering’s custom built dynamometer, and lifecycle test systems. With the addition of several key performance upgrades and a new, highly flexible GUI, it is the perfect addition to any new R&D or design validation system. Read more

Automotive Sunroof Functional Tester
This end-of-line, production validation system can control up to our (4) sunroof assemblies simultaneously. Designed to cycle completed power sunroof modules through all component functions, the test system feature real-time displays and automated report generation.
For more information contact Sales at sales@viengineering.com