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Military and Aerospace Test Solutions

The EIM (Engineering Information Management) division delivers data management solutions for test laboratories and technical design centers. The goal is to help managers, engineers and scientists be more organized and productive, while delivering a high return on investment. A data management solution organizes your test data, offers visibility into your laboratory operations and offers a platform to leverage best practices throughout the organization.

Efficiencies gained from EIM solutions enable engineers and scientists to concentrate on making conclusions instead of massaging data. Using professional engineering tools such as National Instruments DIAdem allows a high degree of automation for post processing test data and report generation as well as offering an interactive environment for ad-hoc data analysis. Not only does this save engineering labor costs, it can also significantly reduce the time from Data Acquisition to Decision to Knowledge Capture.
With a full understanding of laboratory operations, V I Engineering can help assure that all your technical data will provide you and your company with engineering intelligence.

Five Familiar EIM Challenges One Powerful Configuration Solution: VISTA

Critical Test Data Lost or Hard to Find
Major investments in collecting data can't be fully realized if information is isolated, not centrally indexed or exists in a form that isn'’t readable by engineering tools. Many test departments have data stored on shared network drives or in disparate databases with no way to easily search. .
Reaching Conclusions Takes Too Long
Accumulating data from several sources, analyzing test data and creating reports from scratch can take days to complete and it's often repeated at predictable intervals during both development and production.

Lack of Traceability
Traceability, Configuration Management and compliance with all the required government and industry regulations can be a daunting task. Maintaining a history on how a particular test was ran is necessary for warranty and service issues which helps to root cause field failures.

Too Many Tests, Too Few Resources
Managing resources in a dynamic test environment to obtain the maximum throughput with standard office tools and tribal knowledge can be difficult. Being in a position to instantly react to the changing needs of your customer with confidence is not only desirable, but required in today's economy.

Reinventing the Wheel
Test engineers all have their own unique tools and methods to tackle their challenges. There is no common test request/configuration system and no easy way to capture or reuse what others in the organization have already done.

Faster, Easier Access to Engineering Data
Maximum test data ROI can only be achieved by establishing standards for how data is cataloged and stored, creating a central data repository and providing a flexible search capability. Searching for all the data and artifacts associated with a particular test or product, for instance, can be a snap.

Automated Analysis and Reporting
Automated analysis and reporting can turn tasks normally measured in hours or days into simple selections from a menu. Routine analysis and reporting can be completely automated and results notification delivered to your email.

Built-in Traceability and Configuration Mgt.
We can provide systems with complete traceability of the test request, test configuration, algorithm management, data verification, and raw and processed results. We can configure solutions designed with fulfillment of complex government or industry requirements already built-in.

Efficient Resource Management
Improvements in resource management can be realized through the use of Advanced Planning and Scheduling software. Such software utilizes powerful algorithms to determine optimal scheduling of resources, enables what-if analysis and can help with decisions on capital expenditures.

Leveraging Institutional Knowledge

Corporate best practices can be captured through toolboxes with standard analysis algorithms and test methods. An integrated system incorporating test request, configuration, management and analysis provides an excellent platform for streamlining operations and building knowledge assets.

Integration with Strategic Partners Adds Value to Your Results

V I Engineering offers a unique combination of skills that includes over a decade of experience in the test and measurement domain along with all the knowledge and techniques of proven IT professionals. We have also brought together a host of COTS options for Data Analysis, Laboratory/Production Information Management (LIMS/PIMS), enterprise wide collaboration and Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

  • National Instruments DIAdem is incorporated into solutions requiring an interactive data analysis environment and automated report generation.
  • CARDIAC LIMS has two main product lines (Laboratory Information Management System) and PIMS (Plant Information Management System). These enterprise products are well suited for analytical and material labs but also general test laboratories. The products are CFR 21 Part 11 compliant.
  • RSS Solutions offers an enterprise Advanced Planning and Scheduling software ideal for laboratory resource management and scheduling.
  • SigmaQuest is an excellent solution for collecting production test data from multiple facilities within an organization and its contract manufacturers globally.