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Oven Process Controller for Medical Device Components

Implantable Tracking Device
Test System

Cardiac Output Indices Measurement System

Calibration System for Bio-Medical Clinical Analyzer

Automated Radiation Badge Processing System

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Medical Device Test Systems Data

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Medical Device Testing


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Verification and Validation

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Medical Device Testing

Rx for Complex Testing Requirements.

V I Engineering provides high quality, automated test and measurement systems that fulfill all the most complex requirements of the medical device industry, smoothly and dependably. V I Engineering integrates advanced programming skills and state-of-the-art hardware design knowledge with an expert understanding of the test and measurement domain. Capable of handling projects of any size, V I Engineering offers flexible and scalable services that are designed to meet specific budget requirements, while delivering maximum customer ROI. With over 1000 projects completed for clients in diverse industries, V I Engineering's expertise is uniquely positioned to analyze, develop, implement, and deploy your next test and measurement system.

Five Familiar Configuration Challenges One Powerful Configuration Solution: VISTA

Overwhelmingly Complex Regulations
Verification, Validation, Traceability, Configuration Management, Risk Analysis ... and more. Compliance with all the necessary government and industry regulations can be a daunting task.

Testing Needs Beyond In-house Capabilities
Whether the problem is expertise or availability,
your in-house staff is unable to tackle complex test requirements, take on additional responsibilities, or achieve their testing objectives within the required time and budget parameters.

Ever-increasing Quality Standards
Development investments in advanced technology products can only be fully leveraged if the product performs as expected. Extensive product design validation testing is therefore required.

Ever-increasing Warranty Costs
The advantages of a well designed product can be lost without test and measurement systems in place to ensure that all the steps in production are completed within the standards established to limit warranty or recall expenses.

Difficulty with Testing Specifications
Accurate and specific test specifications are the most important component of an effective testing application. Without knowing the full range of testing options, companies may experience costly false starts or wasteful changes in testing technology and technique.

Advanced Methodologies, Proven Expertise
Adherence to the most advanced professional software engineering practices, including CMMi,
CSIA, and IEEE, begins our careful process for achieving the full range of regulatory requirements.

Full Staff of Experienced Industry Experts
With over 1000 successful projects completed, V I Engineering's team of PhD's and degreed engineers can quickly integrate advanced programming with COTS or custom built test instruments to provide complete and validated turnkey test systems.

A History of Design Validation Success
VI Engineering starts with industry standard DV processes, then adds the value that only 12 years of successful DV projects can provide, to arrive at the best testing solution possible for improving quality.

A History of Production Validation Success
Integrating automated test instruments seamlessly into production operations requires a complete understanding of the Test domain and production workflows. With over 100 successful PV solutions in place, we've proven our expertise, let us share it !

We'll Get You Started in the Right Direction
We'll carefully evaluate your needs, and the desired results, then apply all the experience we've gained in the test domain to provide both detailed specifications and an implementation plan. We'll review all the technological options and recommend a solution that fits your resources and delivers your best ROI.